Anonyme asked: i wolud rather talk to you on tumble fanmail. can we do that?

Yeah no problems. :o)

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Anonyme asked: Add you where? on facebook? I'm too embarrassed right now... >.<

Why not ? Hey no problems !! :o I’m not fucking tumblr elitist “noo i dont speak whit you i’m soo beautifuul hoooow” no problems :)

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Anonyme asked: That's good that you're not depressed about that girl, there are many that like you, obviously on tumblr.... :) Why do you say you need new freinds?

Because i need work my english, and whit cute girl is better B)

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Anonyme asked: I'm not sad I just get carried away sometimes when a guy is super cute like you. I didn't want to make you uncomfortable. :/

Nooo i’m not uncomfortable :o) You know you look nice ! Lets go add me and we make nice friendly.

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Anonyme asked: Sorry... :(

no problems, dont be saaad /o/

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Anonyme asked: my selfies suck, not like yours my new BF. :3

Nooo dont say this :v i’m not your boy friends, i dont know you :c

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Anonyme asked: Fine. Starting from today your my BF. :3 Give me a selfie BF. <3

My only girl friends is my hand ! Or my dog :3

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Anonyme asked: <3 yayy I'm a hero, can I get a heroic selfie from you. :)

Ow you take nice selfie for me, i have lost my shirt >.>

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Anonyme asked: ahahhahahhaha. Illuminati, shit, better act nice around you. I wouldn't punch you, but I would punch people that make you sad.

Yay thanks you my hero <3

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Anonyme asked: Ooooh, good. then you can be my boyfriend and I can kiss your illuminati birthmarks. XD

Hahaha why not :3

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Anonyme asked: Fuckkk that really sucks, she's playing with your fellings that's just wrong. Did you tell her that you want to have a relationship with her or?

Yay i want relationship with this girl but now is finish and i dont care… :D No problems, i’m not depressed.

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Anonyme asked: Stooooop putting you cute selfies on tumblr, you make me like you even more. Who would want to make you cute face sad? I want to punch them in the throat.

Punch me ? hoho no i’m ILLUMINATI /o/ I have money, cocaine and bitch in my car

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Anonyme asked: I'm a girl. Why do people made you sad? That's cruel of them. Don't be sad. I can be your new friend. :)

Yay because i have trust girl, say “blablabla i love you blablabla :v” me “ow fuck really is right ?? :D Is so cute and nice thanks you <3” and after is “im sorry i have find a boy friends :^DDD” :c But i dont care, i dont cry like emo but that is not really nice, because i really like this girl.

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Anonyme asked: Selfie babe <3

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